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Digital Narrative game phase 5

The link to my game “Sub-Saharan daily survival life”

At first, I want to claim that. this game is purely imagined and created by me only!! Which make me feel a little bit proud to be honest, because the imagination is not my personality at all. I am more of “a numbers Guru” (which means an influencer or teacher) who do no get bored by sitting on his laptop for 4-5 hours looking at equations and excels.

The game required a lot of time to be initiated, at first I found it hard to begin with; I began with a Somalian boy who is suffering, but with the feedback given to me by Dr. Maha Bali, I found that I must do a huge amount of research on their lives and relations with the UNICEF. Meanwhile, I decided to transmit to a more general theme and make it more broad on the Sub-Saharan life. This one was easier in doing research and finding their daily life (Of course the game had some extras from my part). The Sub-Saharan countries include some countries like Zambia, Liberia and Uganda which have an extreme cruel life in these countries.

The second feedback given by Jasmin helped me a lot to develop the game both backwards and forwards. The game that I invented in the first place was more of the middle of the actual game now. She helped me to start and end the game in a proper and realistic way, the game is neither short or too long and is gradually leading you to multiple decisions which some of them leading to the death of the Sub-saharan boy. It is a little bit similar to the Syrian Journey game.

If I had more time, I could

  • Have focused more on enlarging the game and putting some pictures to make it better for the sight of the gamer.
  • Changed the last 2 steps and added some adventures in the European part since the game ends when the ship sinks on its way to France.
  • Took more feedbacks from different people and did survey to calculate the errors and get it solved to make the game even more attractable.

What I learned?

Actually, I learned a lot and realized MORE!!! I did not have any clue that I have some creativity in my mind. Always when anything comes towards me that is related to imagination and design, I give it to my friends to do it. Second, I am gradually perfecting the use of Excel, Powerpoint, and Word Document this semester. This game me think more of the method to link slides to each other and have a plan to organize my powerpoint properly. I maybe did not perfectly do the game’s PP in a superb manner, but I can assure you that i am getting better everyday at using these 3 platforms which is a huge privilege.

Why it is a privilege?

When I did 2 internships in summer of 2022, one at the private equity department in EFG Hermes, and the second in the FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis) department, I realized that mastering such platforms is the biggest flex you can have if you are beginning to work at a prestigious place. The Powerpoint in EFG Hermes is the most important aspect to have besides knowing numbers. Why?

The private equity, in a summarized way, is initiating a fund to invest in already matured companies for a fee and sell it 5 years later with a big margin. To collect the fund goal which could be a billion dollar, they must present their methods and strategies to the investors who are willing to pour their money into the fund. The presentation must be perfect, not nearly perfect; same font size and style, symmetric shapes and symmetric word counting and must have a color palette related to EFG design and logo which are yellow, light green, dark green and grey.

Source: EFG

So, this is basically the biggest gain that I acquired from the digital narrative game. Indeed, the mental gain is more important for me that i have a potential in other things than numbers, even if the game is not so creative, i believed that the outcome could have been worse than this.

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