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Soliya reflection

To kick this off, I am going to describe Soliya and its real functionality and will try to be as objective as I can be in the first place to avoid any personal judgments from my point of view. First, Soliya is like an online program that enables people to interact with each other, they can talk in whatever topic they like to discuss. After that, you will have some assignments and some readings to do. This is it in a summarized way.

I personally attended twice as I was not very sure that they started. Actually, they sent me an email, but I was not conscious about. However, I did not enjoy the Soliya experience so much; the online experience has some advantages and disadvantages, so we are starting with the disadvantages first. I did not like it as I thought I would because of the following factors:

  1. The duration of the session was so long; the session lasted for 2 hours without a break and it was a complete 2 hour session which is considered too long for me. Last time I attended a session or a class more than 2 hours was in school in the french system, and it was absolutely boring and distracting to focus for more than 90 minutes!!
  2. They consolidated me in my preferences to meet the type of people that I feel the most comfort with, and they did the opposite; they got me the most people that I do not feel comfy with and the topics were a little bit extreme.
  3. The timing of the Soliya experience was bad for me and I think for the majority of the students since it was in the same time of the spring break. For me, the spring break is a getaway holiday that I must enjoy and have some passive rest. I have 2 semesters, I am currently doing day trading sessions for 2-3 hours per day and I work as intern in summer and winter breaks which makes my fun time scarce and valuable for me.
  4. I thought that Soliya is only about interacting, but I found that we have to do assignments and readings which was not in my thoughts before the experience. Yes, it is not a big deal, but it was like a surprise.

The advantages of Soliya can be partially compensating the previous content as it is a:

  1. Good and interactive platform where you can speak freely and express your thoughts without serious objections, extreme ideologies or oppression by anybody.
  2. You must to get out of your comfort zone; this platform makes it even bigger since that our generations is too preservative towards its comfort zone and in order to adapt and get along with people out of our circles, we might take some time to speak without putting any barriers. This platform is actually a shortcut for isolated and shy people, which is healthy by the way.
  3. Leaves good space for people to know other cultures without the need to travel which could be a cost cutting aspect. You can talk to native residents of the county that you did not meet abroad or on international duties like work, university.

To sumarize, I do not see the Soliya experience as an awful one, but I can claim that it was not in the right time of the semester and could require some minor changes. It would be seriously decent if the disadvantages are taking into credit.

If I could give a rating to the experience at overall, I would give it a 6/10 which is actually not bad for a moody person on a spring break holiday.

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